Moo Tri First Timer Tips

12 January 2021

Whether you’re a seasoned triathlete or #MooTri is your first hitout in the world of triathlon, we asked our Moo Tri veterans and our Race Director Toby for their best tips for the three legs of the triathlon... and specifically, Moo Tri! 


  • Practice using markers on the shore to site so that you don’t swim further than you need to heading towards the finish chute
  • Teach yourself and practice to breath on both sides. It’s invaluable in an ocean swim!
  • Try and stay calm and relaxed. If you have done it in practice, you can do it on race day. 
  • Practice in the ocean. Ins and outs and sighting are so important to practice. 
  • Stay wide so that you have your own space and don’t forget, you ARE allowed to do breaststroke in a triathlon.

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  • Have a drink of water in T1 to rinse the salt water out of your mouth and hydrate. You have walked up the beach and swam for about 30 minutes so you probably need hydration.
  • Be aware of the designated mounting and dismounting zones as this is where you will have to mount and dismount your bike.
  • Train in the wind this course is an awesome course but the wind can bite.
  • Although predominantly flat, this course does have a few pinchy hills in on out of Mooloolaba.
  • Remember to practice your 10m draft zone spacing before you get to the event, so you don’t incur a drafting penalty.
  • There will be a designated litter zone on the bike course where you will be able to dispose of litter without being penalised. The Litter Zone will be located 50m on either side of the turnaround on Sunshine Coast Motorway. If you do not follow these rules you will be penalised with a Stop/Start penalty on the bike.

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The final leg to that finish line - the run leg!

  • Practice running off the bike. The more you practice, the more efficient you’ll get and it will feel more natural.
  • There is an Aid Station roughly every 2km on the run - make sure to utilise them.
  • Don’t forget that athletes must not wear, use or carry electronic and entertainment devices such as mobile phones, iPods, or other devices. Just enjoy the sounds of the race!
  • Take it easy up the first hill – save your legs.
  • One foot in front of the other… you’re nearly there! The post-race celebration is so close! 

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