With a 750m swim, 20km cycle and 5km run the sprint distance will hit the sweet spot whether you want a lung buster or a taste of triathlon.

It’s the same stunning Mooloolaba Tri course, only half the distance. With draft-legal and non-drafting waves it leaves the experienced athletes to draft and blast it out up front while the rest of us can take it at our own pace.

Who should do the sprint draft-legal triathlon?

  • The sprint draft-legal triathlon caters to more experienced triathletes looking for a race experience that simulates professional World Triathlon racing. 
  • Unlike traditional triathlon racing, participants are allowed to draft off each other in packs on the bike without penalisation.

Please note, you are currently viewing the Sprint Distance (Draft Legal) event page. 

Event Details

DATE Sunday 14 March 2021
DISTANCE Swim 750m  Bike 20km  Run 5km
START TIME 6:15am*
LOCATION Mooloolaba Esplanade
ENTRY FEES  View Entry Fees here
CHECK IN View Event Schedule for times.* MUST BE PRE-BOOKED. 
Any athlete who does not Check-In will not be eligible to race.
CATEGORIES 14 - 15, 16 - 19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, 80+ Male and Female in both categories.
MINIMUM AGE Must be 14 as at the 31st December 2020
SWIM STARTS Available 2 weeks prior to the event
PRIZES View Prize details here
RESULTS View Results here
WITHDRAWALS 45% till 5pm 18 Dec 2020, 22.5% till 5pm 29 Jan 2021 

*subject to change

Course Maps

Draft-Legal Rules

The AUSTRALIAN RACE COMPETION RULES will apply for the Mooloolaba Triathlon SPRINT DISTANCE – Draft Legal:

TA Race Competition Rules (July 2019) the following Rule advises:

Rule 3.15: In all draft legal events for Age Group competitors, the ITU Competition rules * apply including, but not limited to:

a) Wheels shall have at least 12 spokes;
b) Disc wheels are not permitted in draft legal events.
c) Only traditional drop handlebars are permitted.
d) The handlebars must be plugged.
e) Clip-ons are not allowed.

ITU Competition Rules can be downloaded from (triathlon.org ) UCI Approved equipment can be downloaded from (UCI Approved Equipment List)

For your information as per the ITU Draft Legal rules the following penalties will apply:

  • "Discard equipment" or littering.
  • Penalty: 10 seconds in Penalty Box
  • Transition Infringements. Rack the bike improperly, unfastened helmet, or mount/dismount line.
  • Penalty: 10 seconds in the Penalty Box.
  • Bike Course Infringement. Fail to ride on LHS when not in a pack.
  • Penalty: 10 seconds in Penalty Box
  • Bike Course Infringement. Drafting within 10m off a different wave competitor or M/C.
  • Penalty: 1st offence is 1 minute in Penalty Box, 2nd offence is DQ.

age group draft legal equipment

Course Summary

It’s the same stunning Mooloolaba Tri course, only half the distance.


The 750-meter swim course with the swim start located on the eastern end of Mooloolaba Main Beach. It’s a 'flag' shaped course that runs in an anti-clockwise direction with the first turn buoy at 350 metres, with swimmers completing two left hand turns before returning to shore. 


The 20km bike out and back course starts with one little pinch of a climb out to the Sunshine Coast motorway before you hit a 10km turnaround point to return to transition. When you’re coming into the transition things can get a little busy so cruise on in to make sure you have a successful transition onto the run.


The Run Course is a one-lap course in a clockwise direction taking in some of the most scenic coastal views of the Sunshine Coast.